Vinyl Floor before and after

Strip & Seal Vinyl Floors

The floor would look aesthetically pleasing when it has been worked upon in the best possible way. Through our strip and sealing services, we make sure that your floors are extremely pleasant and beautiful to the sight. Through our dedicated efforts, we make sure that we can curb the damage to the vinyl floor strip through our services. We know that there are some circumstances which are unavoidable like you walking with your dusted shoes and scratching the floors. This might damage the aesthetic of the floor, our endeavor is to make sure that such a scenario is averted. Through strip and sealing, we make sure that the protection of the vinyl is made possible through re-striped and sealed vinyl flooring. Get our services today and protect your floor from future damage.

What do we do?

As an effective seal and buffing solution provider Melbourne to your daily hassles pertaining to the vinyl floor, we bring effectiveness through our services. You will not face any hard-time whatsoever if you want to maintain the beauty and aesthetics of the vinyl floor. We can easily remove the sealers or dirt on the vinyl floor through our services. We are meticulously trained to remove the damaged vinyl areas and replace them with new ones. Our tools are extremely friendlier and good for the surface. We use a non-corrosive solution to clean and polish the vinyl floor.

How Do We Do It?

We have experts who are well versed to deal with the complexities effectively. Through our effective cleaning solutions which are not harmful at all, you can be rest assured that the health and well-being of your family are intact. We apply multi-layer sealers for comprehensive protection to get you the right protection which you so desire.

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