Commercial Office Cleaning

Keeping the office clean and hygienic is not only about healthy working conditions and a safe workplace environment, but it also reflects professionalism, attention to detail and creates the right ambience to work. A clean and tidy office without any malodours or stained carpets is sure to create an impression with its fresh smell and dust-free clean air on your staff and clients alike. Best & Less Cleaning specializes in commercial office cleaning in Melbourne, for many years now, working with many facility managers to provide the pristine cleanliness that is expected in an office.

Office Cleaning Services Melbourne

Our team of expert cleaners have been trained specifically for office cleaning and thoroughly understand the need for non-disruptive office cleaning services in Melbourne. We provide tailor-made office cleaning solutions to our clients, so we can include all the specific details that’ll achieve the highest quality standards and satisfy our customers.

When it comes to continued productivity for you, we ensure that no stone is left unturned in our services. From regular office desk cleaning to pantry and canteen surface cleaning, which can quickly become a spot for disease-causing germs, we take care of it all. Our commercial office cleaning services in Melbourne include an exhaustive checklist of items to ensure all the areas and surfaces are covered.

Prompt and Reliable Commercial Office Cleaning Services in Melbourne

With Best & Less Cleaning as your partner, you are assured of a 100% guarantee in all that we do so that you can continue your work stress-free. Our highly proficient and trained commercial office cleaning staff clearly understand what is expected and are dedicated to delivering it consistently.

Our prices are affordable as we believe in building a long-term relationship with our clients and are happy to have many clients who have renewed their contracts for commercial office cleaning services in Melbourne with us.

As a locally owned and operated commercial cleaning company, we are licensed and insured. Our expert cleaners are trained periodically to upgrade their skills and knowledge and have a low turnaround rate. Most of our staff have been working with us for years.

We invite you to drop a line with your office cleaning requirements and we’ll be happy to provide you with a FREE inspection and quote


1. How do professionals clean an office?

Professional office cleaning involves extensive deep-dive cleaning of all the surfaces that are usually not covered by regular housekeeping. These include cleaning and sanitization of door handles, switches, pantry areas, coffee dispensers, carpet steam cleaning, heavy machinery used for floor scrubbing and cleaning, and also includes the use of industrial-grade yet environmentally friendly cleaning products.

2) What do office cleaning services include?

Commercial office cleaning services include the following, but are not limited to them:

● Vacuuming and mopping of floors

● Cleaning of toilets

● Furniture dusting, including desk organization

● Restocking of towels and toilet paper rolls

● Ensuring the removal of malodours

● Window cleaning

● Effective carpet cleaning that would include periodic steam cleaning

● Clearing away garbage & more

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